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Fire Barriers are useful during a major fire in large compartment and protect from spread of fire in other area. The fire barriers are designed against total collapse & Impact resistant during Fire.
When subjected to these extreme conditions, Fire barrier systems achieve a fire rating of 180 minutes and, together with their ability to withstand impact, provide the strength to protect in the harshest of fires.


  1. Fire rating up to 03 Hour , Confirming to BS 476: Part 22: 1987.
  2. Blast Duration – Peak time and duration of blast as per design.
  3. Height of partition will be according to site requirement.
  4. Blast load or over pressure up to 20 psi ,200Msec
  5. Resistant to gas explosions
  6. Highly energy absorbent
  7. Blast on one side of portion on both sides of partition.
  8. Frame – Structure Steel.
  9. Finish – Powder coated / Painted
  10. Impact Strength ( BS 5669:Part 1 – 44.15J)
  11. Impacts ( Withstand) : 4000J
  12. Impact Resistant ( Projectile) : 2793 J
  13. Lightweight – No foundations required
    Space-Saving, with excellent Structural Strength and Integrity
  14. Demountable / Remount able
  15. Maintenance Free
  16. Suitable for Internal and External Locations
  17. Purpose Built to meet Individual Requirements
  18. Vibration Resistance


Durasteel Transformer Barriers are essential in providing protection to life, property and infrastructure when there is a risk from transformer failures.
Transformers are an integral part of electrical distribution and can explode or catch fire without warning.
When a fire or explosion occurs, the damage and costs of clean up and repair can be colossal.
The risks involved has resulted in insurance companies demanding added protection to areas housing transformers.
Invicta Durasteel’s individually designed barriers are the answer as confined space and access restrictions rule out alternative products.
Durasteel barriers are lightweight, quick to install and offer significant cost savings.


  1. 3 Hour Fire Protection
  2. Blast Resistant from 0.3 bar to 2 bar over pressure
  3. Interior and Exterior Application
  4. Noise Reducing
  5. Seismic Tested
  6. Fast-Fit
  7. Retro-Fit
  8. Acoustic Reduction : Up to 50 dB(A)