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Entities such as oil refineries, chemical plants and military facilities sometimes require blast-resistant modular buildings / Enclosures to keep employees and equipment safe in hazardous environments. Blast-resistant modules are portable, explosion-proof structures designed to withstand blast loads and be deployed quickly and easily.
Active Acoustic Engineers is a performance oriented organization that specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of blast resistant Enclosures for industrial use. Our blast resistant Enclosures are deployed and installed in some of the most hazardous working conditions. 
We offer three variations of blast resistant enclosure to meet clients unique needs:  High Response, Medium Response and Low Response. 

Benefits of Blast Resistant Enclosures:

Industrial: – Numerous industries work with hazardous materials or operate in dangerous situations like working with high-pressure systems, high-voltage electrical functions and poisonous gases that can easily get unstable under certain conditions. It is critical that these industries use explosion-proof enclosures to create a safe working environment. Explosion proof enclosures help in ensuring that all the people working in that environment remain safe in case of any accident and minimizes the potential damage.

Protection for Staff and Equipment:- Blast Resistant Enclosures are usefull in certain industrial settings, might be exposed to conditions that can escalate quite quickly, leaving with very short reaction time. Equipment and staff working in such settings need to be protected from any kind of incident or damage that may occur due to a faulty condition. Blast Resistant Enclosures provide dual protection, to the personnel as well as the equipment. Moreover it minimizes the financial losses that may be incurred from medical expenses and lawsuits stemming from dangerous working conditions, and from repairing or replacement of the damaged equipment.

Builds and Sustains Your Reputation: – They help in keeping up excellent safety record and thus protect the reputation of the company. People can work in safe environment and minimizing the possibility of damage to life and property,

Product Description:-

  1. Engineered to Order for
  2. Each Unique Application
  3. Formed Carbon or Galvanized Steel Construction
  4. Formed Interlocking Steel Panels or Welded Panels
  5. Diverse Designs to meet Rigging Restrictions
  6. Reach In, Walk In or Walk Around Designs
  7. Calculation & Design Reviewed & Approved as per Compliance
  8. All wall and roof panels are Blast resistant
  9. Varying Blast Overpressure & Duration Available Per Site Requirements
  10. Blast Resistant Dampers & Doors
  11. Continuous Welded Construction with Full Penetration Welds at Critical Connections
  12. Fire & Gas Detection Enclosure Construction material is Flame Resistant / Fire Proof for 60 / 120 minutes fire rating
  13. Weather Protected
  14. Sound Attenuated
  15. Wind Rated up to 150 MPH
  16. Motorized Intake and Discharge Dampers
  17. Stationary Weather Protected Louvers SCADA & Communications Wiring
  18. Complete Medium and Low Voltage Integration
  19. Single or Two Story Power Distribution Center Available
  20. Drop-Deck Flooring
  21. Systems featuring Engine Fluid Containment
  22. Skid Bases
  23. Dunnage Bases
  24. Heavy Duty Oilfield Skid Bases
  25. Super Structures for Auxiliary Equipment Applications

Use of Blast Resistant Enclosure:-

Performance - Engineered to withstand an explosion up to 5 psi for 200 msec OR up to 5 psi at 500 psi-msec as desired according to requirements.