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What Are Custom Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings?

A blast Resistant Modular Enclosure / Building / shelter is a place where people can go to protect themselves from blasts and explosions, like hazardous worksites, such as on oil and gas refineries or petrochemical facilities or from bombs in the event of leaked vapour ignition or explosive risk, The main purpose is to protect from shock waves and overpressure.

The blast resistant buildings have several general uses on site including switch rooms, operator shelters, office blocks, ablution facilities, security posts, change and locker rooms, meeting rooms, document control rooms and safe havens.
Ecotone Systems blast resistant containers are available as standard 20ft and 40ft units and can be joined together to form larger blast resistant modules. This application is ideal for workplaces requiring large office blocks.
Blast resistant buildings are fitted with split system or ducted air conditioning. They have integrated ventilation shut down systems with an optional gas detection system. They also have the option of manual, security controlled or fully automated door system to ensure the appropriate solution for the sites needs.

Blast-Resistant Building Applications?

Blast resistant buildings are engineered to protect personnel and sensitive equipment from plant explosions, accidents, severe threats and hazards. These turn-key modules are custom designed to meet unique customer needs and provide users with a secure, transportable and scalable environment and are engineered to meet and exceed intense safety and blast specifications.
Blast-resistant modules are extremely versatile and can be utilized in a vast range of applications. They make excellent safety structures at:

  1. Chemical plants
  2. Manufacturing facilities
  3. Power Plants
  4. Oil Refineries
  5. Construction Sites
  6. Military Facilities
  7. Housing Unit
  8. Office Unit
  9. Dining Unit
  10. Satellite Field

11. Operator Stations

12. Metering & Instrumentation Stations

13. Emission Control and Monitoring

14. Electrical Control Rooms

15. Emergency Response Station

16. Fuel Tank

17. UPS Electrical Switch-gear

18. Power Distribution Center

19. Transformers

Product Description of Blast-Resistant Building:-

  1. Engineered to Order for Each Unique Application
  2. Formed Carbon or Galvanized Steel Construction
  3. Formed Interlocking Steel Panels or Welded Panels
  4. Diverse Designs to meet Rigging Restrictions
  5. Reach In, Walk In or Walk Around Designs
  6. Calculation & Design Reviewed & Approved as per Compliance
  7. All wall and roof panels are Blast resistant
  8. Varying Blast Overpressure & Duration Available Per Site Requirements
  9. Blast Resistant Dampers & Doors
  10. Continuous Welded Construction with Full Penetration Welds at Critical Connections
    Fire & Gas Detection
  11. Enclosure Construction material is Flame Resistant / Fire Proof for 60 / 120 minutes fire rating
  12. Weather Protected
  13. Sound Attenuated
  14. Wind Rated up to 150 MPH
  15. Motorized Intake and Discharge Dampers
  16. Stationary Weather
  17. Protected Louvers
    SCADA & Communication Wiring
  18. Complete Medium and Low Voltage Integration
  19. Single or Two Story Power Distribution Center Available
  20. Drop-Deck Flooring Systems featuring Engine Fluid Containment
  21. Skid Bases
  22. Dunnage Bases
  23. Heavy Duty Oilfield Skid Bases
  24. Super Structures for Auxiliary Equipment Applications

Key Characteristics:

  1. Resistant against Bullets, high velocity flying objects / parts due to blast in equipment.
  2. Blast resistance against vehicle-borne IEDs or other explosive threats
  3. Blast resistant doors and windows
  4. Blast resistant electrical provisions including power distribution, wall outlets, lighting, telecom and data connections
  5. Blast resistant air intakes and exhaust valves for equipment applications
  6. Custom design internal cladding that do not create shrapnel
  7. Ballistic protection
  8. HVAC System
  9. Fire resistant thermal insulation
  10. Secure utility connections
  11. Scalable levels of protection
  12. Watertight
  13. Very low life cycle costs
  14. Rapidly transported & deployed to the field by air, land, or sea
  15. Fully integrated structure providing a turn-key system
  16. Custom configuration and integration available
  17. Meets Design Basis Threat (DBT) level for blast resistance
  18. Resistant against Blast in Boiler, Compressor, Transformer or any other machine. 

Performance – Engineered to withstand an explosion up to 30 psi for 200 msec or as desired according to requirements.

Blast-Resistant Building for Military and Security

Blast Resistant Military Shelters are engineered to protect personal and mission critical equipment from forced entry, blast and ballistic threats in war zones. Modules can be used in conflict areas or areas where there is the potential for violence.
Shelter construction consist of welded structural steel with blast door and window, secure utility connections and fully integrated interiors. Steel provides capacity for high payload and durability requirements.




  1. Technical Operator Centers
  2. Commend and control centers
  3. Communication center
  4. Electronic warfare center
  5. Medical Facilities
  6. Guard Booth
  7. Explosive & Ammunition Storage
  8. Arms / Weapon Storage
  • Office Unit
  • Safe Haven

Blast Resistant Buildings Protection Capabilities

We Address All Catastrophic Elements

  • Blasts & Explosions
  • Extreme Heat, Flame & Smoke
  • Toxic & Lethal Chemicals
  • Extreme Noise & Vibration
  • Seismic Shock & Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Forced Entry Attempts
  • Ballistics & Flying Projectiles.

Performance – Engineered to withstand an explosion up to 30 psi for 200 msec or as desired performance according to requirements.